Gold Verified

It’s like a blue tick, but more exclusive! Available from now until the app launches. Read more below, and get yours here.


To celebrate the launch of HERO, we’ve made a gold tick exclusively available to those who join up now. It’s our way of saying thank you and to help show the world you’re a trailblazer.

It’s yours for life, so everyone will always know that you were one of the first to suit up. The app is completely free – there are no fees, and no subscriptions so joining today won’t cost you anything, ever.

Verified what? Huh?

On socials, a blue tick is used to verify that a profile is official, and is typically reserved for brands, celebrities and public figures. On HERO, our standard verified ticks will be used in the same way.

We are also releasing a limited number of gold ticks pre-launch, available exclusively to our first ever users, celebrity or not! Once they’re gone, they’re gone; they will never be re-issued.

To request Gold Verification, all you need to do is register for first access below and we’ll apply the gold tick to your profile when the app launches.

Request Gold Verification now: