The brand new eco-social app that makes sharing what you love with friends, family and followers, good for the planet.


Launched in October 2021, HERO, the brand new social media app helps make our day-to-day networking with friends, family and followers, good for the planet. App users can share photos, videos and messages, and every interaction is linked to a real-world action (called missions) that has a positive impact on the world around us. Users can collect badges, points and rewards along their eco-journey, and track their carbon impact in real time. The app puts an emphasis on trusted and reliable content and has also committed to donating 25% of its profits to charitable environmental causes for its lifetime.


View and download the official HERO logo, avatar, badges and other brand assets.

Mission Statement

To unite the world and create lasting change for a better future. 

Our Story

Founded in September 2019, HERO was initially conceived as an off-shoot of UMA Entertainment Group to support an environmentally sustainable live event initiative that was designed to unite the planet in the fight against climate change. The initiative was developed in collaboration with the Chairman of UMA Entertainment Group, Harvey Goldsmith CBE (Live Aid).

The global COVID-19 pandemic delayed the event initiative through 2020 and 2021, giving the team time to focus wholly on building a world-class technology product for people and planet. The team raised venture capital funding in June 2021 with the app set to officially launch in October 2021.

Serendipity bought various members of the founding HERO team together, with each relationship holding its own unique introduction to the project. The founding team is ten-people strong, and can be see on the team page.

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