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Some tips to help you fill out the form can be found in our Help Center below.

There a few ways we can verify you are who you say you are, really quickly. One of these is if we are able to liaise with you via an email address that is clearly linked to an official entity, particularly if you are applying for verification for an organisation.

For example, if we were seeking to verify HERO, it would help us make a speedy decision if the application was submitted with an email address.


This is another way we can quickly tell you are who you say you are when reviewing your application. We may drop you a message on other platforms to validate your request.

This is your space to share with us anything that might help us to understand why your profile might be of public interest on HERO.

This is a great space to share press and media links, wikipedia links, IMDB profiles and/or other similar information resources from around the web.

Well, that’s up to you. If you don’t think the links you have shared already tell enough of a story, this is your chance to grab our attention and help us to understand why your account may need to be verified.

This space is most useful if you are applying for pink tick verification. Use this box to provide us with a deep understanding of why we should consider you an expert in your field, and ultimately, verify you as a trusted source within our community.

We believe that usernames are an important part of helping our community to identify the exact accounts they’re looking for. If you believe that someone else is impersonating your identity or purposefully infringing upon your goodwill or reputation, you can request a manual review of usernames as part of the verification process. 

If another account has already registered your desired username, please use the ‘more information’ box to explain why you believe that this may lead to confusion within our community, and why we should consider making this username available to you.

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